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Jamall Bufford , better known as 'Buff1' is an MC out of Ann Arbor Michigan. He began making music with the Athletic Mic League whose members include DJ Haircut , more widely known around the world as Mayer Hawthorne. In 2006 , Buff went solo and released his mixtape 'Small city , big name' following that up with his critically acclaimed debut 'Pure' which featured Elzhi , Guilty Simpson , Invincible and One Be Lo.

In 2008 , he released his second record 'There's only one' with production duties handled by the Lab Techs , 14KT as well as Black Milk who also featured on the track 'Never Fall'.

In 2009 , Buff released 'It's a 1derful Life' mixtape which covered his guest spots , exclusive tracks and other tracks that hadn't been heard before. Forward to 2010 and Buff1 is working on his next release , a collaborative effort with DJ Rhettmatic titled 'Crown Royale'.

Buff1 has been receiving respect and recognition for his hard work within the Hip-Hop spectrum. If you haven't heard any of his work , then I would reccomend you do so.

Here is an interview I did recently with Buff1. Good read!

Whats good Buff? Whats happening today?

Life is good. Today I just witnessed the person responsible for Oscar Grant's death get a 2-4 year sentence and I witnessed LeBron James leave the Cleveland Cavs for the Miami Heat.

How is the collaborative effort 'Crown Royale' with DJ Rhettmatic coming along? A solid line-up of MC'S are appearing on the release.

Crown Royale is done and ready go, just working out the logistics. We got some potent guests on it, but we're gonna keep it a secret a little longer.

I also hear that their may be a record from the Athletic Mic League this year also. Could you shed any light on that for us?

I'm not sure we'll see an AML album this year but we will begin working SERIOUSLY this year. We've started on ideas and things but we're gonna really get the ball rolling this year.

Did you always have aspirations to go solo when you were making music with the AML?

Naw I didnt always have solo aspirations. The thought crossed my mind back in the day as to what it would be like but I wouldnt call it aspirations.

What are your views on the recent Slum Village announcement that T3 and Elzhi have decided to go their seperate ways?

It sucks but things happen and all good things come to an end. They've had a good long run and they've had their share of line-up changes as we know. They're both my homies so I wish them nothing but the best.

As a keen observer of Hip-Hop from Detroit and surrounding areas , it seems it differentiates itself well from anything coming out of New York or L.A , with its raw honesty and flow. What would be your assessment of the music coming out of the area?

I think there's raw honesty coming out of all the places you mentioned but I guess it can be said that it's more prevalent here maybe. I think the main thing that separates MI from other places is not being afraid search for different sounds for influences while remaining very aggressive non-apologetic. There's a lot of new sounds in hip-hop but its not always aggressive and it can sometimes be construed as "soft" or "emo" or "weird" even. I think hip-hop can be anything it wants to be if done well, but I think MI does the best job of trying new sounds without compromising the aggression that so many people love about hip-hop.

I see you recently did a tour of Europe , including shows with People Under The Stairs. How did that all go? Any shows coming up?

We actually didnt perform with PUTS, that show got canceled at the last minute. The tour was great though. We did a show with Bahamadia, Kev Brown & and LMNO and another show with Evidence and Babu. Those were dope as well. We also performed with my brother Mayer Hawthorne in Munich, that was crazy. This was my 3rd time in Europe and my first time with Rhett and it was by far the best trip over there.

I watched a video of you doing a cypher at SXSW. How was the whole festival experience?

SXSW is always fun. This was my third time there. It's cool, I like it, I just gotta figure out if there are other/new ways to capitalize off of it or if it is what it is at this point. I'm sure me and my A-Side Worldwide team will figure something out.

Are their any producers , MC'S that you would like to work with in the future?

Yes, mainly producers. Afta-1 and Hudson Mohawke. Emcees? Andre 3000, haha.

It's been a while since you came over to Australia , any plans to tour here in the future?

I'm working on Australia dates as we speak, stay tuned.

Do you still have the T-shirt? haha

You know, I do not. I travel so much between LA and MI and I get so much free gear (not complaining or bragging, just stating the facts, haha) that I gotta give stuff away sometimes. It made it through a couple rotations but then I had to retire it to the Salvation Army, haha.

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