Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oneofour Collective

Oneofour collective is a group of beatmakers based in Sydney. They put on shows , the recent jam at Dirty Shirlows in Marrickville for example. Members of Seekae and the Cleptoclectics have an involvement as does Roleo who had a track on the Headroom compilation.

They put out mixtapes quite frequently ...the latest and the others can be downloaded here -


Basic this week continues with MoR (Master Of Robongia) , Ed Seven , Victim and Foreign Dub. Get down...Free , drink specials , nice vibes and good tunes. 202 Broadway.

MED X Talib Kweli

So Stonesthrow unveiled a new MED track the other day featuring Talib. Suspected to be off his next album. One of my favourites off the Stonesthrow roster , a new album from him is well overdue.

Nosaj Thing

Jason Chung , better known as Nosaj Thing is one of L.A'S finest architects of electronic music. A master of the electronic beat , his soundscapes have captured the whole world , so much so that his album 'Drift' reached number 5 on the electronic music charts on Itunes. Having recenty played at the Sonar music festival , Nosaj was good enough to give me some of his time.

You recently played at the Sonar music festival in Spain , how did that go?

It went really well. I've heard of Sonar for quite some time now and been wanting to check out Barcelona. It was everything I expected.

What equipment do you use for your live shows?

Ableton, Mpd32, and iPad

You have done a few remixes in your time , whats the thought process when remixing someone else's track?

I try to use just a few elements from the original to be able to put in more of my own but it's different for every song.

What is next for you in terms of releases?

I have a remix album for "Drift" in the works with really amazing guests. It will be announced soon. I'm also working on the next album.

Who are your musical influences , and who impresses you these days?

Random mix...Dre, Timba, Debussy, Satie, Boards of Canada, Neptunes, Radiohead to name a few. Been listening to Drake, Toro Y Moi, and James Blake.

What software do you use when creating a track?

Ableton, Logic, NI .

Your record Drift is a favourite of mine from the last year , is your next release going to sound the same or are you going to take a different avenue in terms of what your debut was?

Thank you. It's going to be a bit different with some guest vocals.

How did you come up with the visual element for your live shows?

I got inspired after watching Cornelius' live show. I collaborated with an amazing design team called Fair Enough.

You have played all over the world , where have been some of your most memorable shows to date?

Amsterdam had one of the best crowds I played for. LA is always good because the venues I usually play there are really intimate.

You have a fair bit of support over here in Australia , are their any plans to visit anytime soon?

I think there are plans for the end of the year.

The Brother From Another Planet - Ras G

Ras G , the brother from another planet , the grand Poo-Bah of L.A is a man amongst the cosmos , directing his listeners through a deep space age with his heavy underground Hip-Hop tones and bass lines. Crafting his work since the early 90's , he is delivering music that will be played in years to come. Ahead of his tour of Perth , Brisbane and Melbourne next month, Ras G talks about the Brainfeeder massive , the L.A scene , the effect Flying Lotus has had and more.

Since the foundation of Poo-Bah records with artist Black Monk , releases have come from Samiyam and Take plus numerous other L.A residents , are you proud of the direction that you have taken in establishing these underground Hip-Hop/electronic beat makers to the mainstream?

Yes certainly I just like 2 release the most original pieces of work by these certain artist simply cause i feel like it will make its mark in time and hopefully maybe get a lil light from the mainstream.

Within your home of Los Angeles , there is the Low End Theory club , where a whole host of electronic heavyweights have played. Gaslamp Killer , Flying Lotus , Lorn , Teebs , Daddy Kev , D-Styles plus Sydney's very own Prize , what is it like inside the low end theory? Also how has the progression been since the early days to now to create a constant flow of heads coming through the club on a weekly basis?

Low End Theory is like CHEERS "the tv show" and Im Norm outside smoking blunts while the walls shake from every form of bass u could possibly imagine inside its a thousand or so kids EVERY wensday ready 2 get these face smashed, there necks snapped,and there musical minds enhanced.

Your mixes are laced with heavy bass lines , deep space undertones , rich tapestrys of Hip-Hop and jazz influences, not forgetting the signature Air Horn , how much time goes into setting up your mixes for Radio and live performances?

Im just having fun so time is no issue when im zoned out on making a mix or working on my live set i just make sure i have my tunes lined up, my live show is a continual thing its gets better as i make new tunes or get tunes from like minded friends that fit the set i just aim 2 have fun with it all.

Producers back in Sydney would like to know what software you use and the creative thought process you undertake to constuct a track?

Man i use records tapes,movies whatever i don`t have a special software i use standard recording Garageband, cassette tapes, whatever just 2 get the idea recorded so i can smoke my trees and listen 2 it ....and ain`t no particular thought or idea i have in my mind when im working im just having outer body experiences making the music smoking trees and nodding my head or whatever sometime i don`t wanna make headnod shit so like i said it varies.

How much do you think playing at the Skectchbook night at L.A's Temple Bar influenced you to where you are today?

I think heavily thats where the artistic community linked and bonded and planted seeds 2 be what it is today LOW END THEORY, BRAINFEEDER, MHD, and varies other crews across the globe.

I watched the "Planet Austin Invasion" video on Dublab , how much fun was it putting that together?

Mad fun going recording shopping in other places is always fun it was a day in my life on camera u ask me.

You have termed the Brainfeeder collective "the X-men of future music" , what character out of X-men would best suit Flying Lotus?

He's Flying Lotus, I'm Ras G , Samiyam is Samiyam, GLK is The Killa we have our own special individual powers which makes us our own special characters.

What is next for you in terms of releases?

SPACEBASE IS THE PLACE LP, ALTERNATE DESTINY EP(REWORKED) coming out on POOBAH ,working on a new BRAINFEEDER record, El AYLIEN PT 2 Cassette on Leaving Records and a couple of other things stay tuned we going everywhere wit this music above the clouds and below the clouds all planes of sound.

How did you feel when you heard of your good freind Kutmah's deportation charge?

I was one sad alien when i heard it...drank alot of henny,coke and 3 limes(Tennis Skirt) but all in all thats my comrade in this music for many years its fucked up SHIT-UATION but its all good its hurdle he had 2 overcome BUT when he gets out ITS GONNA BE A FUCKING PROBLEM cause nothing @ this point can hold him back from being the amazing artist,dj/musician that he is and the music community in LA and ABROAD has got his back.

What does the future hold for Ras G and the Afrikan Space Program?

Everything and nothing @ the same time just know it only gets better ideally.

Where do you see electronic music being taken to in the future? Do you see the L.A scene as being the frontrunner of electronic music if they aren't already?

Not sure i will stay tuned as u all will haha we just being out here.

With much excitement from a lot of people over here , you are hitting Australian shores very shortly for some shows. What can fans expect when they see you live for the first time?

Thankyou for your time and I look forward to your show in Melbourne ...


Ras G's dates are as follows -

Perth at the Bird on the 22nd July

Brisbane at the Step Inn on the 23rd

Melbourne at the Roxanne Parlour on the 24th!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flying Lotus - A Taste Of Sonar 2010 by Hypetrak

Flying Lotus - A Taste Of Sonar 2010 by Hypetrak

Flying Lotus Mix from Sonar 2010...snap it up!

Samiyam! (Australian + NZ Tour)

Samiyam has a tour slated for September in New Zealand and Australia . The man of Brainfeeder and Poo-Bah fame will be touching down in Sydney on Thursday the 16th of September. Certanily a dope year for tours this one. Sure to be a killer show.

Click on the top link for further dates around Australia and NZ!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Illum Sphere - Psycho (Doc Daneeka's Hatchet and Spade Remix) [Exclusive SR DL] by sonicrouter

Illum Sphere - Psycho (Doc Daneeka's Hatchet and Spade Remix) [Exclusive SR DL] by sonicrouter

Mary Anne Hobbs show from Sonar 2010

Iconic electronic BBC broadcaster Mary Anne Hobbs was at Sonar this year as usual, doing her radio show and also laying down a set.

Up top holds the linkage ....sets also from Joy Orbison and Roska.


So Sonar has been and gone , would of been amazing to be there. So many amazing artists that we all listen to playing amongst thousands of festival heads.

Click the title to capture how Lunice's set went down.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jonny Faith

So I stumbled across the site 'Rhythm Incursions' , not a bad look. It seems they post a mix every month. I am posting up the mix from May as it features Sydney's own Jonny Faith as well as Paul White , Danny Breaks , Guilty Simpson and Ital Tek. Right click the above title....

Future Frequency Sounds...

Two shows worth checking out on Sydney radio during the week are Future Face with Monk Fly and For The Heads with Prize and Sofie Loizou.

Future Face is on Fbi on Thursday nights from 11pm till 1am. The graveyard shift but Monk Fly doesn't let that deter him from playing the latest in future bass wobbles and glitch delights. The playlists and audio can be found here -

For The Heads takes place on Friday nights 10:30 till 12am on 2ser 107.3 with Prize and Sofie spinning electronic left of centre bass treats and anything that is at the forefront of the future beats spectrum at the time. You can stream the show live if you don't have a radio -


L.A DJ Kutmah faces deportation charges , sign the petition to help keep the talented artist in the United States. It's not too late. Show your support by clicking the title.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Illum Sphere

U.K producer Illum Sphere recently did a mix for Bigup Magazine , littered with gems from Gonjasufi , Flying Lotus , Dimlite , Martyn !

Right Click the link up top to hear why this Manchester lad is being repsected by the likes of Samiyam , Martyn , Ikonika and others.

Martyn remixes Kode9 "mp3"

So Kode9's amazing DJ-kicks release came out this week ,featuring Ikonika,Zomby ,Ramadanman and other Hyperdub favourites. Here is a remix by Martyn of Kode's "You don't wash".

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Parisian beat maker Onra has been releasing music since 2006. His futuristic beats and jazz tones have been a favourite among many aroung the world. With early respect from Gilles Peterson and Benji B of BBC radio fame , Arnaud Bernard was destined for success. He made his first full album in 06 'Chinoiseries' to much critical acclaim with 'The Anthem' still a talked about tune.

Most recently he has released the Long Distance record out on All City Records , featuring Oliver DaySoul and T3 of Slum Village.

Here is an interview I managed to make happen only recently with the man.

Congratulations on the recent release of Long Distance , how has the reaction and feedback been at the shows to the new tunes?

Thank you. The feedback has been really positive so far, it seems like this album has a few big tracks, though there's still a lot of "Chinoiseries" supporters that always ask me to play some chinese beats.

How was it working with T3 of Slum Village fame on the track 'The One'???

It happenned very easily. I contacted him through Myspace, sent him a few instrumentals, and he picked this one. The beat included his voice already, if you listen closely to the chorus, the words he says are samples from the Slum Village song called "One". So it was very easy for him to adapt to this one, knowing that he was kind of already part of it... I've seen him a few times in concert, but never got to meet him since we did this track together.

Were you suprised by the respect you received when you released your tribute record in 2006 with Quetzal? It must of been gratifying to know Gilles Peterson liked your work?

Yeah it was a big surprise, especially since we thought we were gonna sell 50 of them cd's, just for our few friends interested in beats, and that's it. It turned out to be a success, without any promoion, any budget. People liked it, and the word spreaded on Myspace. It was easier these days I guess, cause there were not that many people doing this. To be liked by Gilles Peterson is very cool, and it really helps you with promoting your stuff.

Considering the success of Chinoiseries , would you say your trip to Vietnam of that year was a defining moment in your personal life as well as your musical career?

Yes of course. Without this album, things would be much more difficult for me now. It really changed my life, and it couldn't have happenned if I hadn't went to Viet Nam. When I was there, I didn't know it was gonna happen this way, I was just another tourist, who really loves vinyls and that's it.

How much do you think your Beijing opportunity with your track 'The Anthem' featuring on the coca cola helped propel your career to the mainstream?

It didn't help at all. First, this is not my track. They had to remake it, their version is wack. I didn't got paid. And my name was no where credited. So it really didn't help. It's just a funny story to tell to your grand-sons when you're older. That's it. I'm not being bitter or whatever, but if I'm here today, it's not because of Coca-Cola, it's only because of me and my hard work.

Who are your musical influences? Who do you draw inspiration from when making music?

J Dilla is my favorite producer, but I've been also influenced from every dope Hip-Hop/R'n'B producer from the 90's. That's what I grew up to.

Do you think J-Dilla's work has had a big influence on todays future beats scene?

Yeah of course, J Dilla has a huge influence on all of us I think. Everybody respects and loves what he has accomplished, I've never met someone who were making this kind of music, telling me he's not been inspired by him. To me, he's really like the god of beats, so...

Whatever happened to Byron the Aquarius who you worked with on The Big Payback?

He appeared on Flying Lotus "L.A." album, he's been in the lab with Denaun Porter, so I know he's been busy. He's still studying Jazz, and playing in bands, and he's also working on his new album.

What sort of equipment do you use for a live performance?

I bring my two MPC 1000, a Kaos Pad which I use for simple effects like delay, reverb, filters. ANd I have a Kaossliator, which I use for sound effects...

Is there any artists or producers that you would like to work with in the future?

There's a lot of them, but I'll have to see what's gonna be possible. I can't tell you names for now, cause it's in the works, but nothing is confirmed.

What is life like in France? Is there much of a scene in terms of the future beats?

There's no scene here, it's just starting, but it's still very small. I play most of my gigs outside of my country, that says a lot.

What is your most proudest moment since you began making music?

I'm not proud of anything yet, I haven't accomplished that much. But i've been surprised a lot of times, a lot of unexpected things happened to me these past three years. Red Bull Music Academy, tour in Japan, tour in China, etc... I'm proud of myself when I hear people that influenced me, say that they love my work. That means a lot to me.

Anything you would like to say to your Australian fans?

Stay tuned, wait for the summer, cause I'm gonna come to this country, and I hope we'll have some great parties. And go get my tee-shirt at Graniph to show your love! :)

Long Distance is out now on All City Records.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Basic this week is serving up another stellar lineup. Jonny Faith and Monk Fly fresh off their Shapeshifter support playing their regular bass heavy tunes plus Prize knocking down some avant garde beat theatre type shit.

Come on down...

Guilty Simpson & Black Milk Touring

So to much excitement from myself , their has been a Melbourne show in October announced with Black Milk and Guilty Simpson slated for the Espy in St Kilda. Always wanted these two to come over here , Black Milk and his band plus GS and his killer raps...Sydney show should be announced soon. I may even fly up to Melbourne for this one too. Dope news.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hudson Mohawke "Snap Dragon"

So the Sonar music festival in Spain has just wrapped up , Hudson Mohawke was there rocking the Lucky Me stage. Here is an exclusive track to celebrate the Spanish festival and Hudsons appearence. Available until tomorrow...cop it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Flying Lotus X Madlib

Yesterday Flying Lotus posted on his twitter that Madlib called wanting to make a certain album come to light. "Madlib called and said we should start getting to work on our album.. If he answers the phone next week, that's huge progress!"

If that happens , it would be ill , Madlib and Flying Lotus on the same record.Two of my favourite producers in the game. Hope it happens.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Electric Egypt

Australian beat maker Electric Egypt has been making plenty of positive noise in the the realm of beats , from Jay Scarlett to Frosty , people are taking notice of what he has been serving up. With his release Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible out on Japanese label Moamoo , more is sure to come from this well knowledged creator of electronic music. EE was nice enough to answer some questions regarding the rise , progression and future of Electric Egypt.

How long have you been making music for and what influenced you to do it?

Always. It's never been a conscious decision, it's just always been there, always has been and always will.As a youth I'd become a big fan of Jimi Hendrix, which played an influential part in my taking up the guitar at the time.I got classical guitar lessons for a few years there, and, especially now, I can appreciate the discipline that really taught me.But I'd always rocked the tins, phonebook & chopsticks drum kit.I'd annoy everyone, tapping out beats on my lap as a kid, always, at school, while family's trying to watch tv..... even just walking and chattering my teeth and whatever was in my pocket to the rhythm of my footsteps, you know, it's just there in everything you do.

Who do you look up to in the world of beats?

I wouldn't say so much that I actually look up to anyone,but there are definitely some influential producers right now who's frequency resonates particularly well with me.Some of those within the current beat scene would be names like Shlohmo, Ras G, Carlos Nino, Teebs.......I'm also real excited to be hearing big names like Erykah Badu and Bilal working with producers such as Madlib and Shafiq Husayn. Plus of course, all of my musical fam I'm involved with on a more personal level such as As Valet, 10th Letter, Ichiro, Kris Infinity.......

It's not just an L.A. thing, it's a universal thing, energy flows where attention goes.I'm a serious digger, so I really need to stress that my influences reach right back through the entire scope of recorded music history.The current names within the beat scene are really just a continuation in the lineage of something which is so large, it transcends any particular labels ortrends. 'ANCIENT TO THE FUTURE' . If you think about it, really, any musician with a heartbeat is making "beat" music.

How did the connection with Dublab come about?

Frosty at Dublab has given me a whole lot of love and support, for which I'm very grateful.He really shares the complete spectrum of my vision, and I'm fortunate that he's in a position to help tune people into what I'm doing. But likewise, I'm a big fan of what those guys are doing, so it's all love really!

Your full length debut 'Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible' was released on Moamoo out of Japan, why Japan of all places?

The Japanese audience have a heavy rep of being seriously committed to the sub cultures they are passionate about.This obviously includes music. They LOVE their music, and have an insatiable appetite to know and experience everything they can about it.The label I'm with, Moamoo, is a branch of Art Union Japan, whom released some heavy jazz recordings in the 1970's, and continue to release beautiful music to this day. Continuing with new releases from currently influential names such as Carlos Nino.

Moamoo also has a great catalog of releases, for example, Lucky Dragons 'Rara Speaks', which was def one of my personal fav's of '09!The people I work with in Japan are completely devoted to this thing, and have an incredible amount of love for the music.Also, the beautiful inner artwork for 'Impressions...' was done by my Japanese brotha Tokio Aoyama,so the Japan connection runs deep!

You are getting respect in all the right places, how did it feel to be played on the BBC during the Mary Anne Hobbs show?

That was cool, you know, it's a blessing every time someone connects with what your projecting. The Advantage of Mary Anne Hobbs show is the sheer scale of the audience, and the fact that they trust in what's being presented on the show, will be of relevant interest.Mary Anne Hobbs is carrying the torch in the tradition of legendary broadcasters like John Peel, so yeah, it's an honor!

But really, there's so much music out there, that anytime any dj or broadcaster, anywhere, selects your's truly a blessing.

What are you working on at the moment?

Right now I'm recording a collaboration album with my Parisian brotha As Valet, who also appeared on 'Impressions Of The Inexpressible Invisible'.That one should be coming out a bit later on in the year.

Meanwhile, also out on Moamoo is As Valet's official debut album 'Primitive',the artwork for which was done by our fam in California - Jeff Madrid aka JAO who's also handling the visuals for the colab project.

Do you see yourself wanting to produce tracks in the future?

Miles Davis used to say that all his concerts are floating somewhere in outer space, complete and intact.The music never dies, and on this planet and beyond, I'll continue to project frequencies of love through music.

Where can people purchase your release?

The release is intended as a complete experience in the traditional album sense, for which the physical artwork plays a major part.In Australia you'll find it at Wax Museum Records, Planet Video in Perth..........Elsewhere, places like Amazon, Norman Records in Europe, a whole bunch of shops in Japan,and direct from the label. Or, it is available digitally through itunes.

There's also a vinyl ep version on the way, and I'm getting some t-shirts made over in the states right now,both should be available real soon.

Low Society

It's that time of the month again when the Gladstone Hotel's soundsystem goes full force on a Saturday night with the heaviest Dubstep sounds you'll hear in Sydney. This night has a keen following from many who follow this genre of music in this city , all waiting to get their fix of Dubstep.This month sees Bulgarian 'Balkansky' bring some heavy bass throbbing action along with Melbourne head ATP , Void resident Victim along with Boot, James Daak, Distemper, Chris Blynd, DJ Missle, Ritual, Sam The Chemist, Sariss, and Finesse.

$10 on the door - From 9 this Saturday at the Gladstone - Chippendale!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Founder of Hot Flush recordings 'Scuba' hits town late July with a show scheduled for the Civic Underground with supports from Jonny Faith , Mark Pritchard , Monk Fly and Simon Caldwell. His Dubstep, wonky beats , deep house and techno enthused record 'Triangulation' came out earlier this year with much hype surrounding it. Sure to be heavy night of bass down at the Civic. Tickets from Moshtix and Resident Advisor.

Sonar Music Festival

So the Sonar Music Festival is taking place in Spain at the end of this week , with a line-up that probably can't be matched anywhere in the world. Tokimonsta , Nosaj Thing (pictured), Flying Lotus , Hudson Mohawke , Robot Koch , Joy Orbison , Roska , Caspa , Pursuit Grooves , our own Dizz 1 among others.

Much to a lot of jealously from us all , local lad Andrew Bayan is heading over there , and will be supplying us with a review of what went down. Should be an interesting read.

Ras G live @ Echoplex 5/14/10

So I'm heading to Melbourne next month to see the man and I'm pretty damn excited after watching this video last night ...the brotha from anotha planet sure puts on a show. More hornage than whats happening inside the stadiums currently at the world cup.


Basic is once again giving Broadway 202's Funktion one soundsytem a workout this week - Typhonic , Atp , Studio Tann and Prize will be laying down some nice bass heavy selections for your listening pleasure. 8pm till 1am every Thursday.

Free drinks and most importantly the music that we love.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Ikonika , hailing out of London in the U.K is certanily making waves in the dubstep scene . Support for her heavy basslines and synth pattern structures has been coming from Flying Lotus , Mary Anne Hobbs , Martyn as well as Kode 9. Her debut record (contact , love , want , have) on Hyperdub is an amazing release. Here is track 8 'Sahara Michael' which featured on the 5 years of Hyperdub record that came out towards the end of last year.