Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Manchester's Illum Sphere

Illum Sphere is being hailed as one of the most exciting young talents to come out of the U.K with everyone from Ikonika to Mary Anne Hobbs praising the Manchester producer. Dropping two EP'S on Fat City records in 2009 , he has since followed that up this year with the much talked about Titan EP on Martyn's 3024 label.

With a Low End Theory set already achieved in 2009 and an acceptance into the Red Bull Music Academy this year , continued global acclaim is sure to come for one of the most talked about producers in recent time.

His arrival in Australia this week for the Red Bull Music Academy run of shows alongside Tokimonsta and Martyn will be worth checking out. So it is at this time that I bring you this interview.

It has been a steady rise these past five years since you first started DJ'ing and buying records, are you humbled with how everything has progressed for you?

Yeah definitely! I still find it weird when people listen/like this stuff I'm doing.

You run the regular Hoya Hoya nights with Jonny Dub which has now been in inception for over two years now. How does the night differentiate from other club nights in the U.K?

I think it's just got a different kind of balance. In our minds, the crowd are as important as whoever's playing, so are the visuals, the soundsystem, the smell etc. Everything has to be treated with equal importance. There's definitely a vibe there that I don't get at other nights, but that's because we're blessed with a really open minded crowd, it feels like a family. They want to hear shit they don't necessarily know, but they ain't afraid to get down too. I feel blessed cos it's my favourite place to play.

Who have been some of the guests you have had play and what would be some of the highlights?

Mark Pritchard played a surprise unannounced set once which blew people's minds a bit. Also, the 2nd birthday, with Floating Points and Brackles, as well as surprise sets from Blue Daisy and Ikonika. That night was incredible. Other than that we've had people like Daedelus, Dimlite, Falty DL, Gaslamp Killer, Ras G, Lorn, Rustie, HudMo, Kode 9, Martyn, Dam Funk, James T Cotton, Danny Breaks, Slugabed, Kutmah, Bullion, Paul White, Jenna G, TOKiMONSTA, Mosca, James Pants. Om Unit and a lot more play. The residents are heavyweight too: Jonny Dub, Eclair Fifi, Lone, Krystal Klear, Jon K, plus Chunky hosting and the amazing EMN on visuals.

You have remixed a track for Martyn and released your 'Titan' e.p on his 3024 label , how much of an honour was it teaming up with the Washington resident?

Oh a huge one. He's one of my favourite producers... and has been incredibly supportive. Being asked to remix one of your favourite producers and have a full release on his label was a real privilage.

Where do you think you would be if it hadn't been for Martyn's presence?

I dunno to be honest, I did have other shit out to before and have had since, but because it was predominantly his own stuff on 3024, people took a bit more notice once 'Titan' dropped. Although, I've heard from a few people that they thought it was Martyn under another alias... which did make me laugh.

How did you feel when you were only the second artist of the U.K to play at L.A's iconic forward thinking Low End Theory?

Yeah it was cool man, Jonny and Samiyam played that night too, so it was fun. A lot of that crew have played at Hoya, so was good to play on their turf.

Hyperdubs first lady Ikonika once described you as 'one of the most special and unique artists to come out of the U.K' , how do you feel when such praise is heaped upon you?

It meant a lot to me, because I genuinely believe the same thing about her. Sara's music is so unique, and people have tried to mimic it. But, she has this ingenious balance of intricate beauty and pure rawness in her music that no-one else does quite like her. Personally, it means more to me what someone like Sara thinks, as opposed to whatever the various hype machines think.

Is there anyone that you would like to produce for in the future?

I'd love to produce something for Bat For Lashes. I think Natasha's an incredibly important artist. She's brought an amazing mix of underground visual and music idiologies into the mainstream, without dumbing it down, which is a hard thing to do. I'd love to work with DOOM, and Colleen.....fuck, the list is long.

Are you working on any releases / remixes at present that you can tell us about?

The first release on the Hoya:Hoya label is off being mastered. It's a three track 12", one from me, Krystal Klear and Lone, and should be out in October. I'm also just finishing up a 12" for Tectonic and a final EP for Fat City. I've also remixed 'Further Away' by Zed Bias along with Falty DL, which should be out later in the year.

From what I have read , Dabrye has had a big influence on you , with his Two/Three record being a listening highlight. How much of a thrill was it for him to play at Hoya Hoya under the guise of JTC?

Oh amazing. It's kinda weird y'know, because we've grown to be great friends. They're like separate people for me... I still struggle to understand that this dude Tadd, who I've become friends with, had such a huge impact on my life. He's definitely one of the most gifted electronic artists alive, and if you take into account his insanely high quality control across such a wide range of styles, he might be the best.... I don't understand how he's not a superstar.

You have been onboard with the Red Bull Music Academy since it's second term of March this year , how has that been going for you?

As I'm sure every participant will say, it really is an experience like no other. It's like getting the golden ticket. I'm very grateful for my time at the academy, the people I met there and everything that's happened as a result since.

Speaking of the Red Bull Music Academy , you are due in Australia very shortly as part of the RBMA's run of club shows with fellow Red Bull entrant Tokimonsta and your good friend Martyn. You must be hyped about the up-coming tour and your first visit to the country?

I cannot wait!!! This month has been my heaviest for touring yet, with Croatia, then a tour of Canada, then one day at home then Australia. Canada was incredible, so I definitely can't wait to get over to Australia.

For all the Sydney heads out there , the Forum is the place to be to check Illum Sphere out alongside Tokimonsta , Martyn + local residents. For only $15!!!! All details can be found here --->> RBMA25TH

Knowledge Knows Sydney

If you have a good understanding of the Hip-Hop spectrum in Sydney , then you would of no doubt heard of the ever hardworking MC and constant craftsman of the game Nick Knowledge. Born in Sydney city , however raised in Germany , Nick released his debut record 'Identity Crisis' to much acclaim country wide in 2007.

Well know for his rap battle abilities , Nick is a tireless performer having graced the stage with Jean Grae and supported the likes of Mystro and Buff1 to name a few.

Apart from his solo work , Nick also rolls with 1nfo. Comprised of Jacob Giles and DJ Dlect , 1nfo have been getting good support around this city showcasing tracks from the mixtape 'Information Jakeknowledgy' which dropped early last year.

2010 saw the release of Nick's follow up to his 2007 effort in the form of 'Soul Sample Side A' . The first release on hatonrack's volume series , the 14 track record features none other than the legendary MC Masta Ace with production from Lunatronic.

With all the success that has been achieved so far , the future looks bright for Nick Knowledge.

How has Nick Knowledge the MC changed over the years since your debut Identity Crisis in 2007?

Hmm I guess I never really thought about that. I stopped entering battles since then. That had a lot to do with what I wanted music to mean for myself- though I was winning alot, I wasn't digging the negativity that goes along with it. There's only so many times you can call someone's mother fat, and gay, I guess. Just kidding.

Where do your ideas and inspirations come from when putting pen to pad and writing lyrics?

The strangest of places! There's no formula to it. I get excited by anything that makes people think. Which doesn't mean shit always has to be super intellectual, but even a generic party song is more interesting if it's done with some clever wordplay or a new observation. Knowledge is king.

Your follow up to 2007's Identity Crisis has recently dropped on hatonrack records. How long did it take to make Soul Sample Side A?

24 years!

How has the reception been for the new material been at your recent shows?

It's been killer. Performing live is so much fun for me anyway, but I feel like we've just gotten tighter and tighter over the years. The show is still freestyle heavy, but now I'm working with the 5 Coffees band, which is a 5 piece including horns, as well as DJ Dlect on decks.. We all improvise and jam a lot so the scope for entertainment is nutso. People love it.

You have performed at some of Sydney's most well known venues in this city , what would be your favourite?

The big top at Luna park for the huge crowd. The basement for the cool. The Civic for the sound.

Apart from your solo work , you also roll with the crew known as 1nfo, could you tell us about what that is all about and the sound that is released?

1NF0 is the crew I've formed with MC/Producer Jacob Giles. Jake is one of Australia's absolute hidden weapons- an extremely prolific and talented guy. The shit we make is really progressive.. it's definitely hip hop, rooted in mid 90's style, but we branch out and experiment a lot in the electronica direction. It's different to my solo stuff in that way- SOUL SAMPLE is more organic and based on a Motown sound, 1NF0 is like the illegitimate baby of Big L, The Prodigy, and Gnarls Barkley if that makes any sense haha . Our first mixtape dropped last year- download it on www.hatonrack.com/1NF0!

You have supported some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop , such as Mystro , Jean Grae and the Wu-Tang Clan. Any highlights amongst those or others that you can share with us?

Yeah lots.. You know how they say its about the journey more than the destination? I feel like I've only just started but I've been by some cool scenery. Getting stoned with Cappadonna, Getting invited on stage with Jean Grey and freestyling the basement a new a-hole, battling Kool Savas in Germany, getting New Era cap from Nas and of course recording a track with one of my all time icons Masta Ace were all pretty dope.. Wow, that really makes me sound like the man doesn't it?? Hahaha sweet,I'll take it.

Is there anyone in the Sydney Hip-Hop community that you can reccomend to the readers?

Yeah.. my man Sonny Syah is probably the illest MC I've known.. Unfortunately he does suffer from an incurable love for Mary Jane and she doesn't let him out much haha.. Also 206Collab, and LHA- both those crews are sick and have wild energy to give.

What is coming up for you in the future? Any up-coming shows?

Big things! hatonrack is releasing another 5 albums in it's Volume Series, including SOUL SAMPLE SideB and the new 1NF0 EP, both of which will be categorically APESHIT. Stay on www.hatonrack.com to follow the story!

All the best with the current record and everything in the future Nick , thank you for your time.

1 love my pleasure!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oneofour #5

The collective of beatmakers in Sydney known as Oneofour dropped mixtape number 5 for all the heads out their. Mixed by Roleo and featuring Monk Fly and Know-U , it is another intelligent insight into the current level of beatmakers in this city . Cop this sweet mix here ===>> Oneofour_Mixtape_5_Roleo.mp3 . If you enjoy the sounds , head down to Headroom this Friday night at Hermans (Sydney Uni) where Future Beats nonsense will be had. All details here ===>>> HRM .

Daddy Kev X Baths

Episode 17 of the Low End Theory podcast series came out over the last weekend , this month it features regular Low End hero Daddy Kev and Baths who has been earning his praise since his 'Cerulean' release on Anticon recently.

Check this one out here =====>>> LET

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Man That Is Samiyam

An Ann Arbor resident until 2007 when he moved to L.A , Samiyam samples Jazz , Soul and funk tones with Nintendo game samples to create Rap Beats. In 2008 he self released his debut record Rap Beats Vol. 1 and the following year delivered two e.p.'s with Return on Hyperdub and Man V.S Machine on Poo-Bah. He is also well known with creating music under the name 'Flyamsam' with his good friend Flying Lotus.

His debut tour of Australia and New Zealand begins next week and with much hype surrounding his first visit , it's with much pleasure that I bring you this insight into Samiyam from the man himself.

Whats good Sam? Where abouts are you at the moment?

Yo I'm good. Out in LA at the moment.

You are originally from Ann Arbor Michigan , is that where a lot of your early influences are from? Did the Motown sound of Detroit have a big influence on the sounds that you use?

My early influences came from all over. Of course there was always Motown music on the radio. That sound has defintely been an influence.

I also was into a lot of the music my parents listen to. They listen I also was into a lot of the music my parents listen to. They listen to all kinds of music. My Dad has a lot of dope jazz records.

How was the transition from life in Ann Arbor to L.A in 2007?

It took a while to get used to LA. I'm just now getting used to driving everyday and weather that never changes. I do feel at home now tho.I moved out with hardly any money and wasn't sure exactly how I would make it, but I was able to find work pretty quick. I'm grateful forthe group of people I met before and when I moved out here.. It really made it easier to feel like I had a supportive little group of friends.

Living with fellow Brainfeeder heads in Teebs and Flying Lotus must of helped a lot?

Yea it was fun living with Lotus. He showed me the building when I came out to LA a few months before I moved here. It made the move much easier to already have a good friend living next door. That was a good time..

Teebs moved in over a year after I did. He was my roommate for a fewmonths. He was actually the best roommate Ive had a that place.. Not only did he know how to clean up after himself but I would wake up to his music a lot. Imagine that: sun coming in the window, birds chirping and Teebs doing a live soundtrack for it all.

How would you describe your good friend Flying Lotus?

I would describe Lotus as being a very driven and creative individual. He's always pushing himself to try new things..Constantly creating.. Occasionally making a fart joke.

Is there a Rap Beats Vol. 2 in the works?

Rap beats vol.2 is done. I'm finishing an Album too. Lots of new music to release.

How much of a buzz is it to travel the world and do what you do?

I love the travelling. It always feels good to connect with audiences out of town and overseas. I also really appreciate the chance to explore and try local foods.

What does a Samiyam set normally involve?

In my sets, I usually play new stuff i'm working on.. some music from friends of mine.. and some random music that I like. I usually play off my 404, same thing I make music on.

You are heading to Australia in September, what do you know of this country? Has the Gaslamp Killer who has been here twice now filled you in?

Yeeeah I'm really looking forward to it. I don't know that much about Australia.. It just looks beautiful from what I've seen and I've heard from everyone I know that the people are really cool and friendly.

Yea GLK just told me I would like it. Ras G said the same thing. I'm excited!!

Well we are all eagerly awaiting your arrival Sam, thankyou for your time...


Samiyam is in Sydney on the 16th of September at the newest venue in town 'Tone', brought to you by the Space is the place crew - event details here - S16

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kid Fiction's Ruby Slippers

Straight out of Sydney , Kid Fiction dropped this nice number on his soundcloud a short time ago. A nice chiled joint this one.

Ruby Slippers by Kid Fiction

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dorian Concept Remixes PVT

Dorian Concept remixes PVT's (formerly Pivot) track Window off their Church with no magic record on Warp. Very nice remix from the Vienna favourite.

PVT - Window (Dorian Concept Remix) by Warp Records

Yellow Mixtape by Edseven

New mix from local Sydney lad Edseven , with tracks from Oh No , Africa Hi-Tech and other gems , he is one not to miss out on when he supports Samiyam on the 16th September in Sydney.

edseven - yellow mixtape by edseven

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Flying Lotus EP!!

Off the back of the good news the other day that their will be a new Gaslamp Killer release in October , comes the announcement that their will also be a new Flying Lotus EP dropping on the 20th/21st of September. Titled Pattern+Grid world , the seven track ep's cover will be designed by Theo Ellsworth and released on Warp. Below is Camera Day , track six off the forthcoming record.


1. Clay
2. Kill your co-workers
3. PieFace
4. Time Vampires
5. Jurassic Notion/M Theory
6. Camera Day

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brainfeeders First Lady - Tokimonsta

In her early years , Tokimonsta's passions grew in music and the arts where she was trained in the Piano and the Clarinet and taught herself the guitar and drums. Further on and with her influences developing in Hip-Hop circles , it was here where she really found her calling.

She started appearing in the independent music scene and with the influence of her artist friends , began producing her own music. In 2008 , she released the 'Attention Deficit Mixtape' which was a record of remixes of Lupe Fiasco , Lil Wayne , Method Man and Redman , MF Doom and others . The limited Bedtime Lullabies record on the Foreign Family label soon followed and Toki was starting to make her name in the future beats scene on her own. She quickly came to the attention of Flying Lotus who snapped her up for his Brainfeeder label. Mixes for Brainfeeder and radio sets were made leading up to her Cosmic Intoxication EP which was released earlier this year.

A Blue Daisy V Tokimonsta release has also been put out their to the greater independent beats community as well as her most recently quickly acclaimed Midnight Menu album.

Tokimonsta is a leader for women of independent Hip-Hop beats , delivering her signature sound and her diverseness. Her actions have taken her far in a short space of time and she is one to watch for all supporters of the instrumental sound.

Since 2008 , when you released 'Bedtime Lullabies' , you have been receiving much praise from the higher ranks of the electronic music scene including Giles Peterson and Mary-Anne Hobbs. How did that make you feel so early on in the journey to attain that respect?

For me, as a person who had just begun publicly sharing their music, it was mind boggling. Never had I thought anyone, inconceivably Gilles and Mary Anne, would take an interest in something I did as a personal passion. I'm truly grateful for the positive response I've felt thus far.

Then of course you came to the attention of Flying Lotus and you were announced as the first lady on the Brainfeeder label , how did that all come about?

Well, actually, Flylo signed me to Brainfeeder first and then he told Mary Anne about me. The producer beat scene in LA is intimate. I had known these guys for a while and it was very natural when I joined the crew.

Your midnight menu record recently dropped on Art Union , how have the new tracks been received at your shows?

I had been testing many of the songs on the record in my live set before my record was released. In ways, that's how I knew the songs were fit for the album.. because of the positive crowd feedback.

With the releases that you put out , comes some amazing artwork. Where do the ideas come from for the record covers?

I really put my faith in the creative minds of the artists I pick. For me, I find visual and audible art very intertwined. I choose the artist based on their work and on their very unique aesthetics. However, I don't want to rob them of their creative control--instead I want my music to fuel their ideas.

Many people may not know but you have an alter-ego under the name 'Mama Toquilla'. Are you still working on music under this name , or is it all about Tokimonsta these days?

I am, kind of. Mama Toquilla is my more hip hop beat persona. I've been a little busy lately, but I hope to put out an EP at some point in the near future.

Where do you draw your influences from when making music?

I have an incredible variety of influences I pull from for my music--not all music. I am influenced a lot by film and other visual arts. I definitely can say hip hop has played the biggest role in my music.

What was the feeling when you were accepted into the Red Bull Music academy late last year?

I was absolutely ecstatic. I had actually forgotten about it since the day I had sent in my application, but I was jumping around when I received the email.

With that acceptance came your appearance on the recent various assets compilation . How much fun was it working on that project?

Very fun. Being around so many talented musicians from different backgrounds is really a unique experience. I don't think I've ever been in a situation where the entire environment is radiating musical creativity. Plus, we are just a goofy bunch and there were tons of laughs of memories we'll share ages.

You have a big show scheduled for September 3rd with Hudson Mohawke , Lorn & Mike Slott , you must be looking forward to that?

Yea, it should be fun. It's always great hanging out with these guys.

The end of September brings you to Australia where you will playing as part of the On the floor Red Bull Music Academy run of shows with Martyn and Illum Sphere. A lot of people are looking forward to your arrival over here. What do you know about about Australia and what can we expect from you live?

What I mostly know about Australia comes from my geeky love for nature documentaries. I definitely know it has the largest number of venomous creatures--which is totally awesome. I'm looking forward to experiencing the people and culture the most though. As for my live set, expect lots of bass, beats, and tunes that'll make your head nod and bodies move.

Tokimonsta hits Sydney's forum with Martyn and Illum Sphere on the 25th September - Event Info --->> Tokimonsta

Full Moon by Jonny Faith

Full Moon by jonnyfaith

Jonny Faith out of Sydney dropped this nice number on his soundcloud the other day. Good work son.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fresh Gaslamp Killer EP!

So the Gaslamp Killer delivered the news via Twitter and Facebook today that a new EP from himself on Brainfeeder is coming our way in October . Featuring Warp favourite Gonjasufi and fellow L.A native Computer Jay , the 'death gate' record is one to look forward to.

Rustie Mini-Mix

On October 5th , Rustie out of Glasgow will be finally delivering his debut Warp release 'Sunburst'. The five track ep will be the 3rd in his catalogue and snippets of the tracks can streamed via his soundcloud. Pretty heavy tunes.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Martyn + Illum Sphere + Tokimonsta

Probably the biggest piece of news I've put up here since I've started this blog is that come September 25th , Sydney will be seeing Martyn , Illum Sphere and Tokimonsta on the one night at the Forum. Brought to you by Space is the Place and Index , it will one of the biggest nights of electronic music the city has witnessed.

Martyn has been one of the most forward thinking producers of the Dub-Step scene over the last few years , releasing his Great Lengths record to much hype and acclaim. Illum Sphere out of Manchester has been making strides in the last year with three ep's under his belt and an acceptance into the RBMA. His club night 'Hoya Hoya goes from strength to strength as well.

Rounding out the incredible line-up is Tokimonsta , the first lady on Brainfeeder. Toki has received much support worldwide since she burst onto the scene with her Bedtime lullabies ep in 2008. Since then she has churned out many maginficent soundscapes and toured all over the globe delivering her signature tunes. Now it is our turn to see her.

Supported by Index and Space is the Place DJ'S , it is sure to be a huge night of electronic music. $15 a ticket. What a deal!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Buff1 in town September 4th!!

So if you read the recent interview I did with Buff1 , you may of noticed that he mentioned that he was working on some Australian dates. Well I can reveal that those dates are very soon in fact. He is in Melbourne at the Espy on the 2nd of September and then two days later at Sydney's newest venue Tone with 1nfo and Loose Change in support.

Brought to you by Grindin , with some fresh cuts to showcase off the soon to be released 'Crown Royale' , it is sure to be a top night down at Surry Hills.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Purple One That is Mochipet

David Wang , better known around the world as Mochipet is a diverse electronic music artist with his sounds ranging Glitch Hop to techno to Hip-Hop to heavy metal. He DJ's around the world dressed in a purple dinosaur outfit.

His releases over the years include Microphonepet , Bunnies & Muffins , Master P on Atari , Girls Love Breakcore , Godzilla New Year and many others. All of which were put out on his own Daily City Records label.

He has shared the stage with everyone from Flying Lotus to QBert to Gift of Gab. His collaborative efforts include Spank Rock and Mikah9 of Freestyle Fellowship.

He has toured the world playing at underground and larger venues from the Low End Theory in L.A as well as Treasure Island Festival in San Francisco. His works have also been represented on video games such as NBA2K9 and TV channels such as Fuel and DirecTV.

Currently working on two projects , “Vendetta (with MC Zulu)” and “Rawr Means I love You in Dinosaur,” I was lucky enough to ask some questions about the life and times of Mochipet.

Mochipet , absolute pleasure to be able to ask you some things , I believe you played at a camp out gig in Saratoga Springs California over the weekend , how did that go?

It was amazing. Lots of amazing local talent and friends there. Rebel Bass did an awesome job with the camp definitely one of the most well thought out camp outs I played this summer, and I played many. The crowd was very energetic and inspiring. Pool party was off the hook. Had a great time!

Have you been unveiling many new tracks from the next records you are currently working on?

I haven't yet, but I will be putting up many tracks on my Soundcloud(http://www.soundcloud.com/mochipet/) as I'm working on the album so please check that if you are interested. I am very interested to hear the reactions of people out there as I'm taking a brand new direction in sound.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn't heard your work before?

The best way i can describe it is that it's very "Multi-Faceted." I draw from many influences to try and create something new. I don't really stick to certain formulas tempos or sound structures. Some of my songs are very heavy bass oriented while others are smaller sounding and more intricate. Some of my songs are very dance oriented while others are not related to dance music at all. I think you have to just listen to it to understand.

I heard your Dubstep version of 'Devo's "whip it" the other day , whats the decision making process like in remixing tracks? That one was on point by the way.

I have sort of a tongue and cheek approach to Dubstep right now that I don't think many people are taking. Don't get me wrong, I love all the Dubstep coming out right now but I feel it all leans towards the more heavy serious machismo attitude. I think you also have to see the comedy of it all. And the Nitrous Infused Dubstep Whipit Devo remix just seemed to fit the bill.

Any awkward moments you can tell us that you have had in DJ'ing in a purple dinosaur suit?

Oh yes, there has been many awkward moments, but the one that comes to mind is that once this female fan actually climbed into my dinosaur suit with me and made me walk through this party with her inside. We ended up falling over in an awkward position and everyone was pretty confused. Those were good times.

Are your musical influences as broad as your styles that you play yourself?

Yes, definitely! Sometimes I wish musical styles would develop more quickly so I could have more types of music to study. I could never get board with studding new musical styles. Music is such a wonderful mysterious language that could never have enough words in it's vocabulary.

What software do you use to make your music?

It really depends on what I'm trying to do. I use all the basic stuff plus a lot of free obscure plugins people have developed and posted up online. But sometimes I like to just start with an acoustical instrument or sample something that has the sound quality I'm looking for. I find the easiest way is to always go to the source.

How do you manage touring as an artist as well as controlling whats going on with the record label? It must keep you busy.

Yes, extremely. And that's why I'm employing the help of others right now to build the label to the next level. We just got an office at Union Square in San Francisco and we are looking for bright young talent. So if you are interested please contact info@dalycityrecords.com with your resumes! I am also canceling many tour dates later this summer so i can finish working on my two new records "Rawr Means I Love You" and "Mochipet is Evil" with MC Zulu. Look for them early next year!

You have shared the stage with everyone from Kid Koala to Flying Lotus to the Beastie Boys, any crazy moments that you can tell us about?

Not with any of those guys. But once I played with Otto Von Schirach and some crazy old lady came up on stage naked in some bondage gear during his set and tried to perform some strange ritual to him and ended up cutting him with her nails. The Security eventually came up and pulled her away screaming naked. It was really strange evening.

Where does the inspiration come from when making music?

Everywhere, music is just a language, it can communicate anything u can comprehend. It an art, and art is an expression of the human condition. The human condition comes from all aspects of our lives. Deep thoughts with Mochipet....

You have a lot of support over here man , any plans to swing by Australia one day?

Thank you. I would love come to Australia one day. There has been many talks but it just never worked out. I hope one day I will be able to bring my sounds personally to Australia. I have never visited there so it would be an amazing place to see! I hear all kinds of amazing stories.

Thanks for your time...all the best with what you do.

Thank you for the interview!

New Mixes from Paul White & Ahu

Received these two fresh mixes from One-Handed Music the other day. First up is Paul White who dropped a 20 min mix recently on BBC 6. His record company is hailing it his best yet. PW

Next up is Turkish singer and DJ "Ahu" who put together a nice mix featuring the talents of Gonsufi , and plenty more. Ahu

Dilla Donuts

So you have probably heard about the official J Dilla Serato release, Donut Shop by now. Serato and Stonesthrow teaming up with the J Dilla Estate to deliver two discs with six Dilla tracks , 2 sides with Serato Control Tone (for use with Serato Scratch Live DJ software), and 2 donut slipmats in a package designed by Studio No.1. It was released back on the 1st of May.

The six Dilla tracks involved three unreleased instrumentals picked by J.Rocc from the Dilla archives and three instrumental tracks from Dilla's production work for Mos Def, Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes.

As a show of support for this release , Stonesthrow this week sent through the Dilla tracks to Stonesthrow subsribers free of charge. ----> J-Dee